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Casting showroom waitress positions

A waitress or bartender model should include a variety of styles and poses for photos showcasing at different restaurants or events. However, waitresses or bartenders must also look good in person because they will be showcasing products and making commercials/ movies film in person for a certain period of time....

Waitress and models look a like and are between the size of 2-6 and are 5'2 to 5'9 tall, in proportion to their size. The waitress must have a great smile and be very outgoing since they will be waiting, showcasing products, and serving clients.

In some events, it may require the waitress to be well-informed on the food products. Some serving jobs may require the waitress to speak a certain language or languages fluently to cater to clients. (not mandatory)

The Waitress must take care of their appearance at all times.


Female bartenders are presently being search too! Whether you are an aspiring bartender model or a bartender experienced one, this position are requiring the same conditions as to the waitress modeling position.

2. The female bartenders must follow the same guidelines as above, and you will become a more successful in the career. Bartender models are possibility in the same size of 2-6 and are 5'2 to 5'9 height. Must have a great smile and be very pleasant since they will be serving clients.