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Casting Showroom/Audition

1. The Modeling filming will be showcasing a “model’s type best work”. This will include headshots and full-body shots, of different styles, angles, poses, and movie themes. This will show your flexibility and styles technique at the auditions. It will also prove that you can work with different people. This will include magazine shoots and advertisements commercial clips. While multiplicity events are important, some models fit a particular type, such as runway or catalogue, and modeling portfolios should highlight this.

2. Your modeling pro-file should include all your statistics, such as height, weight, eye color, hair color, dress size, and shoe size. It should also list all your experience and training. Make sure to highlight any special skills you have or if you had done a specific type of modeling performances before.

3. Models must take care of their appearance at all times. Skin, hair, nails, and clothes must be perfect, and models must know how to dress and apply makeup to achieve different kinds of looks. Models should study speech, dance, drama, and fashion design.

Casting showroom waitress positions

A waitress or bartender models should include a variety of styles and poses for photos showcasing at different restaurants or events. However, waitresses or bartenders must also look good in person because they will be showcasing products and making commercials/ movies film in person for a certain period of time.

Waitress and models look a like and are between the size of 2-6 and are 5'2 to 5'9 tall, in proportion to their size. The waitress must have a great smile and be very outgoing since they will be waiting, showcasing products, and serving clients.

In some events, it may require the waitress to be well-informed on the food products. Some serving jobs may require the waitress to speak a certain language or languages fluently to cater to clients. (not mandatory)

The Waitress must take care of their appearance at all times.

Restaurant eating places:

Cat Royal café
Actionlast café
W.T.E Sport café
Kid’s café
Cutie Ace Diner
Line Hot Dog Bar
Tropical café
Jungle Key cafe
Sport Takeover Bar
Sportlast TVLand lounge
Game Takeover (Game Café Server)
Gamelast Café bar
Foxy legend vendor booths
Paradise Pageant dinner
Outdoors sports vendor
Purple Icon RV vehicle
LRM Broadway/ Kid Broadway brunch